Coding (with Cats)

I’ve always been interested in technology, and I’m fascinated by how it’s changing the way we live. I use apps for everything – collecting loyalty points at the supermarket, translating signs into English on my travels, even counting my crochet rows . My book and music collection is (almost) entirely digital. Yet at work, I find myself doing a lot of time-intensive tasks which could be easily automated with technology, and I am often surrounded by piles of paper.

For years, I was frustrated by the clunky way in which I recorded group attendance data, and how long it took me to analyse it each quarter. One day, I enlisted someone to help me develop Excel macros to speed up the process. I was thrilled by the outcome. This got me thinking… what if I had the skills to turn my ideas into a reality?

I remembered how much I enjoyed learning HTML as a teenager, with the sound of a dial-up modem in the background. I brushed up on my HTML and CSS skills, and now I get up early before work to do my TeamTreehouse JavaScript course.

I’ve also started pet sitting for fun, and as a way to travel cheaply. As you can imagine, this has led to the classic combination of cats and laptops. Not wanting to bombard my existing followers with cat photos, I recently started an Instagram account – codingWithCats – to capture some of the photos of the cats who keep me company while I delve deeper into the world of JavaScript. Feel free to check it out!

Photo of a cat perching on the sofa, next to a laptop with a Javascript course on its screen
Learning with Fabian the Maine Coon