About Me (Clarissa)

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I enjoy cold sunny mornings, thunderstorms and writing with Sharpie pens. I feel happiest when I’m near the sea. I don’t like wet socks, packing shopping at the checkout or texting when my hands are cold.

In case you haven’t guessed from the title of this blog, I’m an occupational therapist. I first came across occupational therapists while working as a mental health support worker. They gave me practical ways to support my clients to do what they wanted and needed to do. I was intrigued by their collaborative way of working and their belief that what you do affects how you feel. Since graduating, my career has taken several twists and turns. I’ve worked in research, acute mental health, eating disorders and autism. I now work in forensic mental health (medium security).

Professionally, my main interest is in what motivates people to do the things they do, and what meaning occupations hold for them. I’m especially interested in “the dark side of occupation” – occupations that are generally not as well-explored or -understood by professionals. These occupations may be (for example) illegal or detrimental to health and/or relationships, yet still hold meaning and value for the individual.

When not at work, I’m often:

  • Taking photos
  • Getting lost in thought and missing my stop on the train
  • Avoiding doing any ironing
  • Learning to code…  with cats
  • Playing boardgames

1 thought on “About Me (Clarissa)”

  1. HI Clarissa, I just wanted to say that your blog is absolutely wonderful. I love how you bring your own personality to your role and how you are so passionate about what you do. I was wondering whether it would it be possible to discuss you via email the challenges and interventions you use in your job? I am thinking of becoming an OT and would love it if you could share your experiences with me in more detail. I would forever grateful if you could help me in any way. Thank You.

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