CPD Portfolio of an Occupational Therapy Geek

It’s that time in the life cycle of an occupational therapist, where reminders to renew HCPC registration go out and people start anxiously checking their mailbox for a “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE BEEN RANDOMLY SELECTED FOR AUDIT” letter. And it’s now that people inevitably start thinking more about their continuing professional development (CPD) portfolios – how best to organise them to capture ongoing metamorphosis and what types of learning opportunities “count” as CPD.

In the previous CPD cycle, my lovely zipped folder was full to the brim of paper reflections. They were organised into sections based on the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF), and I painstakingly cross-referenced them. I was – and still am – very proud of it.

But it was time- and paper-consuming. Not to mention, heavy! Sometimes while at work, I’d want to refer to a reflection, only to remember that it was saved on my home computer. Obviously, this was before I discovered OneDrive/Dropbox.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to CPDme*, an online CPD portfolio, which has improved my organisation, and means I can add or refer to my reflections and CPD entries quickly and easily. This style of CPD portfolio is much better suited to my lifestyle – I can add to my portfolio whilst on the train.

*Other electronic CPD portfolios exist!


The CPDme dashboard shows me at a glance how up to date my portfolio is and how balanced my learning activities have been. Check out this link from the HCPC website about including a mixture of learning in your CPD.  Looking at the stats below, I realised that there are many CPD activities I haven’t added yet – a useful prompt.


CPDme breaks CPD down into reflective entries (which can be added using one of three models) or diary entries.


There is also a useful function of mapping diary entries against HCPC standards and the KSF.


Of course, there are times when I want a hard copy of my portfolio – for example, to take to job interviews. CPDme (and, I’m sure, other online portfolios) has a print function, where you can select which (if not all) entries to print. It even collates a handy HCPC Summary page for your selected entries.

hcpc summary.png

So there you have it: that’s what my CPD portfolio looks like! It is still a work in progress, but I am happy with my “system”. Of course, that won’t stop me anxiously checking the post each day to see if I have been selected!

1 thought on “CPD Portfolio of an Occupational Therapy Geek”

  1. This looks like an excellent system. Thank you for sharing. I’m a newly qualified OT and have a CPD folder, but will investigate this system as it looks so efficient.

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