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12 Days of #OTalk (2014)

As 2014 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on another fantastic year of #OTalk. One of the things I love most about #OTalk is how it brings such a diverse range of people together to talk about really varied topics. Below are some of my favourite chats of the year. While I’ve only included three tweets from each chat, the full transcripts are available on the linked blog posts.

Which 2014 chats stand out for you?


1. On the 7th of January, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Speaking of Suffering‘ tweetchat (@BrunelOT3 and @Helen_OTUK)

This chat stands out because I was reading the book ‘Psychoanalytic Thinking in Occupational Therapy‘ at the time, co-written by Lindsey Nicholls (the host of this chat). I remember being completely immersed in the conversation.

2. On the 18th of February, #OTalk gave to me: the Occupational Therapy and Eating Disorders tweetchat (@pd2ot and @geekyOT)

This chat was significant for me because I was a few months into my first eating disorders post, and still getting to grips with many of the questions asked during the chat. As I reread the chat transcript while writing this blog post, I realise how much more I’ve learnt since then, and I look forward to taking the conversation further in the next chat about eating disorders on 24th February 2015.

3. On the 18th of March, #OTalk gave to me: theInterpersonal Skills: Intangible or Teachable?tweetchat (@bobcollinsOT and @geekyOT)

The underlying question of this chat – whether interpersonal skills can be ‘taught’ – is one that I’ve often come across. This was an interesting chat, enhanced by contributions from other professions including nursing and physiotherapy.

4. On the 25th of March, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Social Isolation and Loneliness‘ tweetchat (@gillygorry)

I was sad to miss this chat, but found it a very engaging transcript to read as the conversation developed in many directions. As a result of reading this, social isolation and loneliness has been closer to the forefront of my thinking.

5. On the 1st of July, #OTalk gave to me: the Occupational Therapists’ Attitudes, Knowledge and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice‘ tweetchat (@helen_otuk)

This chat led on from a presentation we gave at the College of Occupational Therapists conference in Brighton. As someone who is really interested in research and evidence-based practice, I would have found this chat interesting anyway. But seeing the evolution of discussions from the conference and out into our virtual community added an extra layer of interest for me.

6. On the 8th of July, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Appreciating the Experience of Using Health and Social Care Services for Some Older Gay People‘ tweetchat (@rebeccatwinley and @geekyOT)

I found this chat particularly exciting because it was intended to stimulate thinking for a chapter in the 2016 edition of Occupational Therapy Without Borders book. Having seen an earlier #OTalk chat feature in Rebecca Twinley’s (2012) article on the dark side of occupation, I hope 2015 will hold more developments like this!

  7. On the 5th of August, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Good Practice in Healthcare for Migrants‘ tweetchat (@otsinlondon and @geekyOT)

Having written my dissertation on international relocation, this is a topic that really interests me, and I loved hearing about good practice from across the world.

8. On the 26th of August, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Service User Involvement‘ tweetchat (@pixiegirle and @geekyOT)

Many of the people who made up this chat are both occupational therapists and service users, and I loved the mix of personal and professional experiences of involvement.

9. On the 11th of November, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Meeting the Physical Health Needs of People with Mental Health Problems‘ tweetchat (@AHP_SWYPFT, @OTLeeds and @geekyOT)

I’d been reflecting on this topic for some time, so enjoyed thinking about it with others.

10. On the 18th of November, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Occupational Alienation‘ tweetchat (@DrWMB and @geekyOT)

What I particularly liked about this chat was that it was hosted by someone who had worked on developing the concept, and that participating in the chat helped clarify it further in my mind.

11.  On the 25th of November, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Authentic Occupation‘ tweetchat (@OTLeeds and @geekyOT)

Through participating in this chat, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and gained a more robust understanding of what makes an occupation ‘authentic’.

12. On the 9th December, #OTalk gave to me: the ‘Raising the Profile of Activity in Acute Mental Health‘ tweetchat (@OT_LisaB and @kirstyes)

My final placement and first post after graduating were both on female acute mental health wards. Tweets from clinicians using the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability (VdT MoCA) particularly caught my attention, as this is the model I used, and I’m looking forward to a chat about the VdT MoCA on March 31st 2015.

#otalk OT’s in our area concentrate on getting ppl off the wards and rehab at their homes rather than doing ward based activties — Dai Davies (@Dai2584) December 9, 2014


Thank you everyone for making #OTalk what it was in 2014. Looking forward to many more interesting chats in 2015 and beyond!

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